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StratPsych Treatment Planner

StratPsych Treatment Planner 

Patient Characteristics

Chief Complaints:




Components of Treatment Plan

Treatment Modalities

(check all included)

o Individual psychotherapy

o Group psychotherapy

o Marital/couples therapy

o Family therapy

o Multiple Family Therapy

o Psychoeducation

Treatment Approaches

(check all used)

o Neurobiological

o Psychodynamic

o Behavioral 

o Cognitive

o Cognitive-Behavioral

o Psychodynamic

o Interpersonal

o Dialectic Behavior Therapy

o Transference Psychotherapy

o Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

o Integrative Psychotherapy

o Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization (EMDR)

o Internal Family Systems Therapy

o Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

o Multisystemic Family Therapy (MFT)

Treatment Setting

(check current)

o Outpatient

o Inpatient

o Partial Hospital

o Day Treatment

o Residential

o Community

o Outward Bound

Treatment Format

o Duration of Session


o Length of Treatment 

___Crises Intervention___Brief Treatment___Intermittent___Long-term

o Frequency of Sessions 

Composition of Treatment Team

(check all that apply)

o Individual psychotherapist

o Co-therapists

o Drug and Alcohol Counselor

o Family therapist

o Group therapist

o Psychopharmacologist

o Play therapist

o Occupational therapist

o Educational therapist

o Recreational therapist

o Speech therapist

Ancillary & Adjunctive Treatment

o Yoga

o Meditation

o Relaxation Training

Treatment Team Leader(s)

Inter-disciplinary Team Composition

o Psychiatrist

o Psychologist

o Clinical Social Worker

o Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

o Licensed Professional Counselor

o Advanced Practice Nurse

o Physicians Assistant

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Treatment Protocols

We will provide with samples of tried and true protocols used by expert clinicians .

Patients in Treatment

Listening to patients in treatment is an excellent way to hone your treatment planning skills.


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Psychotherapy Case Formulation

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